24 7 / 2013

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Previously on Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 4 “Killer in High Heels”, Maura becomes the key suspect in a homicide case when Maura’s date turns up dead – and Maura can’t remember their evening together. As the shocking evidence against Maura piles up, Jane struggles between protecting her best friend and doing her job.

On this week’s Episode title “Dance with the Devil”, On the first day of Paddy’s (guest star John Doman) murder trial, Maura gains insight into her father from Hope (guest star Sharon Lawrence). Korsak opens up about Cavanaugh’s tragic past. And in an unexpected twist, Maura must decide which side she’s on when she and Jane unravel a shocking secret about Paddy and Hope that affects them all.

The series’ backstory is inspired by the novel The Surgeon. Boston detective Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) was investigating a serial killer named Charles Hoyt (Michael Massee) some time before the series began. Hoyt, who was banned from medical school for fondling a corpse, used his vast medical knowledge to systematically torture and kill people, usually couples so he could induce the most fear into his victims. Rizzoli is able to find where Hoyt is. As she is searching for him, she is hit in the back of the head and knocked unconscious. She is pinned to the floor by scalpels. As Rizzoli is waking up, we see Hoyt preparing to cut her throat. Vince Korsak (Bruce McGill), Rizzoli’s partner, finds where Rizzoli is and shoots Hoyt before he can slit her throat, saving Rizzoli’s life. Rizzoli reasons that, after seeing her so vulnerable, Korsak would never trust her as his partner and decides to apply for a new partner.

The series pilot, “See One. Do One. Teach One”, is largely based on the novel The Apprentice. Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) investigate a killer with Hoyt’s modus operandi, plus an interest in necrophilia. Rizzoli and Isles discover that the copycat was a soldier named John Stark, (Brendan McCarthy) who met Hoyt in medical school, had his identity erased for CIA black operations, and mimicked Hoyt’s MO in a killing spree during said operations. Meanwhile, Hoyt escapes from prison and rejoins his apprentice to continue in his killing. Later Rizzoli’s home is broken into, and she was told by who she thought was part of BBT that her neighbours had been killed, she rushes into the van to see the bodies but finds Hoyt instead. Hoyt and his apprentice knock Rizzoli out and kidnap her. When she wakes up they attempt to kill her, but she manages to disarm them by tasing them and impaling Hoyt in the eye with a flare. In self-defense, she shoots the apprentice to death and when Hoyt reaches for Rizzoli’s gun, she shoots him through the hands, giving him injuries similar to the ones he gave her.